Results - Goals

Since the beginning of the project on 23/04/2018 and until 31/12/2023, the "Social Plate” team handled 1444,295 tons of fruits and vegetables, from which 1070,179 tons were recovered and offered to our fellow people, while at the same time we hindered the transformation of this quantity into organic waste. The agencies participating in the distribution (Social Grocery Stores, Non-Governmental Organizations, Foundations, Church Kitchens) are more than 70 and the aim is to have more and more participants in the programme.

As food waste has multiple consequences, such an initiative is of crucial importance. The goals of the Thessaloniki Central Market and of all the people participating in the project, are to limit food waste, combat malnutrition, and recycle packaging and correctly manage organic waste.

We hope that our action will be a source of information and inspiration for the whole world. It will be the call to arms for the support of the economy in a viable way, for the development of empathy towards our fellow people who are in danger of poverty and social exclusion, and towards the need to protect the environment. We need everyone’s active participation on an individual and collective level. We are looking for support, synergy, and cooperation with major state agencies, private businesses, solidarity organisations, collectives, and volunteers.

We would like to thank all those people who donate their time, their hard work, and their love in order to help.