The project

In the framework of the INTERREG V-A Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020 programme, the two cooperating countries are implementing the ‘Supporting Social Enterprises in combating poverty and social exclusion project’ (‘Social Plate’). The action line of the project concerns combating poverty and social exclusion, and supporting social agencies with the same goals.

Title: Supporting Social Enterprises in combating poverty and social exclusion

Distinctive title: ‘SOCIAL PLATE’
Project duration: 24 months
Priority Axis: 4. An inter-border area with no exclusions
Thematic goal: 09 – Combating poverty, discrimination and social exclusion
Investment Priority: 9c. Providing support to social enterprises

Project information
The idea

The idea for ‘Social Plate’ was developed by TH.C.M. (Thessaloniki Central Market) S.A., as a solution to the problems of poverty and social exclusion and the need to protect the environment. The goal of the programme is to provide food for weaker social groups, to provide work to the long-term unemployed, and to limit food waste. An indispensable part of the idea is to disseminate this solution to all social strata and gain their active participation, in order to achieve a change in course and attitude towards food waste matters.

Every day, traders of TH.C.M. S.A. deliver non-marketable goods to the organic waste management office of the company and, under the supervision of the head of quality control, the products are separated into those that are fit for consumption and those that are not. Subsequently, with the help of volunteers from the agencies that benefit from the programme, they are repackaged. Social agencies of the region (Social Grocery Stores, Non-Governmental Organisations, Church Kitchens, Collectives, etc.) that are working with the programme receive the recovered products and distribute them, cooked or raw, to vulnerable social groups in our society. Thus, the homeless, the unemployed, refugees, and anyone in need of a plate of food, can get just that, thanks to the all the volunteers working with ‘Social Plate’.

Results - Goals


Since the project began (23/04/2018) and within four months of operation, the ‘Social Plate’ team has handled more than 150,000 kilos of fruits and vegetables, from which more than 90,000 kilos were recovered and offered to our fellow people, while at the same time stopping the transformation of this quantity into organic waste. More than 35 agencies participate in the distribution (Social Grocery Stores, NGOs, Foundations, Church Kitchens) and we aim to increase that number.

As food waste has multiple consequences, such an initiative is of crucial importance. The goals of the Thessaloniki Central Market and of all the people participating in the project, are to limit food waste, combat malnutrition, and recycle packaging and correctly manage organic waste.

We hope that our action will be a source of information and inspiration for the whole world. It will be the call to arms for the support of the economy in a viable way, for the development of empathy towards our fellow people who are in danger of poverty and social exclusion, and towards the need to protect the environment. We need everyone’s active participation on an individual and collective level. We are looking for support, synergy, and cooperation with major state agencies, private businesses, solidarity organisations, collectives, and volunteers.

We want to thank all those people who are donating their time, their hard work, and their love in order to help.

Co-funded partners participating in the programme are:

Thessaloniki Central Market S.A. – Greece

TECHNOPOLIS – International Education Institute – Greece

Municipality of Borino – Bulgaria

Active Youths NGO – Bulgaria

  • M. of Thermi
  • M. of Pavlos Melas
  • M. of Kordelio Evosmos
  • M. of Ambelokipi – Menemeni
  • M. of Neapoli Sykies
  • M. of Oreokastro
  • M. of Pylea – Chortiatis
  • M. of Arnea
  • Δ. Δέλτα
  • M. of Thermaikos
  • M. of Langadas (Sochos)
  • M. of Paionia
  • Alkyone
  • Ecopolis
  • Eterotopia
  • IOM Giannitsa
  • Arsis
  • Refugee Care Centre
  • Annapurna team
  • Caritas Hellas
  • Thessaloniki Food Bank
  • Fix in art
  • Boroume
  • Merimna for the poor
  • Caritas Hellas
  • Thessaloniki Food Bank
  • Fix in art Cultural Society
  • Praxis
  • Albatross
  • Immigrants’ Place
  • Repatriates’ Mutual Assistance Association ‘I Elpida’ (Hope)
  • We offer with all our heart (Prosferoume apo kardias)
  • e charity
  • ‘O Sotir’ Centre of Rehabilitation, Social Support & Recreational Activities for the Disabled
  • Ithaki Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals
  • Lighthouse of the World (Faros tou Kosmou)
  • Church of Agios Athanasios, Evosmos
  • Church of Agios Georgios, Neapoli
  • Church of Tris Ierarches, Evosmos
  • Church of Agia Triada
  • Church of Agios Eleftherios, Stavroupoli
  • Church of Agii Pantes
  • Church of Metamorfosi tou Sotiros and Kosma Etolou
  • Melissa
  • SOS Children’s Villages
  • ‘Estia Triteknon’ Association of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki
  • Tritekni Sithonias
  • OAED Special School, Lakkia
  • Agios Markos
Contact us

Thessaloniki Central Market S.A.
7th km Thessaloniki – Athens motorway, N. Menemeni, Thessaloniki, GR-54628, Greece
Telephone number: 2310764023 ext. 31